What do you need to watch virtual reality porn? It all depends on the particular porn site or the outlet. All virtual reality today more or less involves strapping a screen to one’s face in such a way that it drowns out the rest of the world and the images appear in stereoscopic 3D, while viewed through high-tech lenses. There is a difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. Augmented reality involves imposing images onto what people see around them and it typically involves people looking through a device like a smartphone to see the pictures.

People are usually going to use virtual reality with porn rather than augmented reality since virtual reality tends to work better for the effects that people want. Anyone who has an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and a computer should probably have everything necessary to watch virtual reality porn.

Virtual Reality Porn Versus Traditional Porn

In some ways, virtual reality porn is not so different from traditional porn. Real adult film stars get filmed, and real adult movies get recorded. However, the adult films are going to feel so immersive that it does feel like an entirely different experience each and every time. The adult films that people can download for the sake of virtual reality porn are going to fill all angles.

The virtual reality devices that people use to view them will track the movements of their heads, so their perspective is going to change as it would in real life. As such, even though people are just going to be technically watching adult films, they will feel immersed in them. The quality is good enough that the films will seem real, and their perspectives can change in a way that makes all movements seem more natural.


Best Free Virtual Reality Porn

BaDoink is the name in virtual reality porn at the moment, with over one hundred virtual reality porn scenes filmed. The videos can get downloaded into versions that are compatible with most virtual reality headsets. Naughty America and Kink.com are out there to provide people with alternative virtual reality porn if that is what they want. Porn Hub itself has an entire virtual reality section that people can use for the sake of getting futuristic and high-tech adult entertainment.

Virtual Reality Technology and the Porn Industry

Virtual reality technology could become the dominant form of adult entertainment. People might specifically want virtual reality porn that allows them to experience fantasies that are that much more realistic because they are designed to be lifelike in a way that two-dimensional films never will be for viewers.

Virtual reality porn is harder to shoot than other types of porn, which is going to allow the porn industry to take back some of the power that it has lost when it comes to amateur porn and the plethora of free pornography available online today. It’s going to be harder for beginners to create this stuff on their own. However, it should be a big money-maker for the industry overall.